Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good Bye 2009..

Huh, so tired today..a lot of thing i've done since morning..started my day wif paed short case ,followed by meq then bcome an unskilled photographer for my group members.In the evening I went to see my new cousin and then accompany my parents to KB mall just to buy a new DVD player..lastly,my destination was Kerabu faveret warung tired running here and there..but no matter what, I enjoy this interesting! haha..

Huh, actually I dun want to talk about my activities today but i want to talk more towards the events happened in 2009..a lot! all sort of painful and sweet experienced i got within 1 year..what a miracle..

An event dat i can't forget most is when the day my beloved fren leave me..i duno who's r fault..i've left behind when i really need their support..but it's ok..subsequent from that painful experienced..i've became a strong girl now..thanx God..i know, they leave me wif reason but i just't too hard to forgive me? is't so easy to forget all the sweet memory we collect together since 1st year..arghh..i dun want to think about it anymore..whatever happened, my aim now is want to be a successfull and powerful woman in da future. Let bygone be i really can forgive them and forget all sort of thing they did to me..even it's painful..if Rasululullah can forgive his ummah who doing bad thing toward him, y not me? I know..people out there all blame me without reason..i can feel it from their glance..but i don't care about dat coz i trust Allah..He know better then human being..when I'm in trouble..i just got Him..He help me a lot..He help to regain my strength..He give me this kind of strength..thanx God..I'm really grateful coz I was born in the sake of Allah. Alhamdulillah..bcoz of that, He give me other friend who really sincere to be fren wif me..who can share everything wif me..they r not only fren when i'm happy but also during sadness..

Opsss..dun want to be sad must go on..2010..a year that i've been waiting for 5 years..waiting to be declared as a doctor..but no matter what i've to face proIII in this scared..lot of thing i havent covered yet..Ya Allah..pelase help me..please give me da strength to pass through this 3 month period..only 3 month more for me to be patient wif all sort of these obstacles..i must put myself in a fixed powerful position coz when i become a doctor one day..a lot of hardship i must go through..a lot more people i will meet and of coz a lot of personality i'll face..and watever happen i must take it easy, dun want to make it as a big problem..past experienced teach me a lot about patience,trusworthy,honesty and friendship..anyway, good bye 2009..good bye i'm a new person n has a new personality but deep of my heart i'm still the same..

Happy new year to me and everybody!! Never turn back!

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