Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where's your human sense??

Huh, just coming back from tired coz i must go for oncall at least 3 times per week in surgery posting..but thanx God, coz lot of thing i learn during oncall..the doctors who r oncall r really willing to teach me & others..but this week i really dissapointed..why?? coz i meet people with no human sense!!

u know what..while i'm clerking and examine the patient..suddenly crowd of student come to the patient and examine the pak cik or mak cik without asking for their permission and my permission as well..damn it! is't they do not know how to developed rapport 1st before touching the patient..they r really eager to palpate here & there without thinking about others feeling..then they make that pak cik or mak cik like a doll or in other word like a non-human stuffs! then they leave them like that when the patient became very exhausted without say thanks..y eh? i really dun understand dat..what they learn until now actually? don't they learn about ethics and how to be a good dr?? yes, i know knowledge is more important but the most important thing is human sense..huh!

That's only one example..and just now..while one of my fren and I clerking one patient and suddenly some selfish students come to that patient and then chase us out like we r dogs! arghh y i need to meet that type of people?? dahla datang serbu macam tu jek..u pk i ni apa? binatang?! main halau2 macam tu..yeah i know, that pak cik refuse for female student tu examine her genitalia but we just want to see the lump at his back, not his genitalia..and he agree but those peoples suddenly come and chase me out..what the hell? x penah jumpa orang yg sangat pentingkan diri sendiri macam tu..huh!1st time..

Duno la..y they act like that..let's imagine those patiens is ur father or mother or siblings, do u want they r treated by those doctor wif no human sense? juz think about it..dun think being a knowledgable is enough to be a good doctor, but human sense is the most important!! human sense ok! dun't be selfish ok!

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